Thermo Ventilator > Mist Type > FV-47UD1W
Innovative Mist Sauna function
Super fine mist (less than 1 micrometer)
Integrated muti-functional ventilator
LCD wireless remote controller
Air direction selectable
'Alleru-buster filter' equipped
Heater capacity = 3500W
Air volume = 132 m3/h (ventialtion)
Multi-function : mist sauna, heating, clothes drying, ventialtion, circulation
The ventilator shall be suitable for ceiling mounting
Moist mode improves skin moisture and keeps hair hydrated
Sweat mode induces sweating for refreshment
LCD wireless remote controller
Adjustable air direction with spot or wide air mode selection
3500W PTC heating element adopted for powerful heating capability
Equipped with 'Alleru-buster filter' inhibits virus & bacteria up to 99%
Twin sirocco fans employed to exhaust and circulate room air respectively
Multi-level safety protection
5~720 minutes timer with continous operation
24-hour ventilation function for continuous ventilation
Color: pearl white
Market: Taiwan
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